About Company

12 years on the market.

Since 2002 METALON went from supplying firms to production and trading company and is currently one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine in the field of molding of articles made of wire and tape, while developing direction strapping packaging materials and tools.
With a team of professionals, self-improvement, innovative approaches for the last 8 years we have mastered the complex technology of production of three-dimensional 3D-products from wire and strip by cold forming and bending proizovditelnsotyu with up to 10 million units per month.

Installed slitting machines for tapes from 5 to 50 mm.

Established his own production tool for making tools and parts stamps.

Trading activities LLC "METALON" is aimed at providing high-quality manufacturing plants and packaging Strapping materials and tools.
Our range of steel and plastic tape, stretch film, tensioners, plombiratoroy, cordless and pneumatic packaging machine.

LLC "METALON" is a responsible and reliable supplier offering quality products and services, in which activity of paramount importance to customer need.

We will be glad to see you among our partners.